Friday, January 23, 2009

Time to focus

Hey Everyone,

Well so much for my New Year's Resolution to start blogging regularly again. Kelsie was sick this week and Hannah well let's just say she was a handful. Hopefully I can get into a better routine soon.

My new Team in Training season kicks off on Jan 31st. It is not too late to sign up. I will be coaching athletes to complete either a Sprint or Olympic Triathlon or an Olympic Duathlon. The event we will be training for is the TriMiami Triathlon on May 3rd. If you would like to join this amazing team, post a comment or send me a PM and I will get the information to you as soon as possible.

On other news, Kelsie finally got her wish and is getting glasses. As most of you know, she cried last year for three hours after her eye appointment when the doctor told her she had 20/20 vision. This year, he said she has a minor minor minor correction in her right eye. Since I have vision insurance, I let her select glasses. Both Hannah and Kelsie will get them this week. I will post new pictures when they do.

As far as me, I am fine. Trying to get on a set schedule so I can get my training done. On my calendar are the following events:

Wildman Triathlon
Disney Princess Half Marathon
St Anthony's Triathlon
Ironman 70.3 Augusta
Ironman Florida

Obviously I need to get a marathon in there somewhere but I have yet to figure out which one. Any suggestions? Remember I hate the heat. LOL.

Well I am off to get the kids to bed and get my gear ready for the morning. Talk to everyone soon.


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Stephen Andert said...

If you can get in, Twin Cities Marathon was not too hot for me (I'm from AZ though, so take that with a grain of salt).

Grandmas in Duluth MN should be a nice cool one too from what people I know have said.