Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wildman Updates, My Amazing Team, Mom Stuff

Hello Everyone! What an amazing week! I hope all of you are doing well. This past weekend, several of my team as well as my daughters crossed over to the "dark side" and became triathletes! WOW! Impressed is all I can say.

On Saturday March 14th, instead of practice, my team competed in the 4th Annual Wildman Triathlon Series. We had competitors in the WildChild race, the MyFirstTri race and the Sprint race. And believe it or not, several of them placed in their age divisions! Amazing isn't it?

If you look at the picture above, you can see some nervousness on their faces. This I can understand as the Wildman race was my first ever race as well. There is a major difference between attending Tri practice and participating in a race, even when the race is just a practice. Everybody showed up early just as I and the race director Z Buttar had requested. This way they had time to get everything setup and then check and double check as my training partner Missey would say. Good news this time, most everyone showed up with everything I had requested on my list so they were prepared. I did my best to check everyone's transition area and make sure it was ok. This was also going to be Kelsie and Hannah's first full tri as well. They have done several duathlons, an aqua-run and practice triathlons in the pool. This would be the first open water swim for them as well as most of my team. And always prepared Coach Beth became the "bad" mom when we realized I forgot the kids goggles.

Now having mentioned the water, I feel like I should tell you that the lake a Moss Park is a bit hard to see in. To be completely honest, the water is the color of Diet Coke or Tea so for the most part you cannot see didley when you are swimming in the water. This is certainly a change from swimming in the pool where you have lane lines and markers. I warned the team but until you are actually in the water, it is hard to truly understand what someone is telling you. Everyone did their run warm-up and stretched before the race. The swim was done in waves so the team was all spread out through the different waves.

David and Gabe started in the first wave the Men's Sprint. Missey, Geni, Kate and Brandi were in the second wave the Women's Sprint. Once all of the Sprint competitors had passed the second bouy, the life guards moved the bouys in and the MyFirstTri started. Doug, Ryan and Kim were in the men's wave followed by Toni and Hope in the women's wave. I forgot to mention that our great friends from Advanced Pro Cycles had set up a tent to help with race day bike issues and Jose, the owner, along with his son Jose, were also competing in the MyFirstTri as well. Finally after all of the MyFirstTri competitors passed the second bouy, the lifeguards again moved the bouys and it was time for the WildChild race. There were about 20 kids out there. Kelsie was not too nervous but Hannah was terrified. Hannah had a bit of a panic attack but after some help from the lifeguards, she exited the water and was able to continue on. Kelsie was fine and she moved forward with the race.

All and all everyone had an amazing day!

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