Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Well I finally have gotten up enough courage to try to blog again. When I first started blogging over a year ago, I was writing new entries almost daily or at least weekly. This past year however, I have been so overwhelmed with stuff that blogging has not been on my list. I am not sure why because writing the blog seems to be cathartic most days.

At any rate to catch everyone up quickly, It is now December 2009. I did not cross the finish line at IMFL. I will talk more about that later. Kelsie my oldest daughter is now a black belt. Hannah is testing soon for Red and will be testing for Black buy summer of 2010.

So what happened at IMFL? To be 100% honest, I am not sure. Until the end of August my training was going amazingly well. I was doing much better in the water and on the bike than I had ever done. Something happened when the kids returned from their summer trip. Life Happened. Kelsie started a new school and had to be up at 6am and on the bus by 6:40. That meant Hannah would be alone if I was out training. She did not want to be alone. I can understand that. So I tried to adjust my work schedule to accommodate both of their school schedules and my training needs. This was a mess. :-) I am thankful that my employer allowed me to have the flexible schedule but I am not sure if it helped or hindered.

Love to all!

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Ryan said...

Welcome back to Blogville. For some reason whenever i hear cathartic I envision peeing through a tube into a bag.