Wednesday, December 02, 2009


So everyone keeps texting and emailing to find out what my future plans are. Will I attempt another Ironman? Will I take some time off from training?

To be honest, I am not 100% sure of what the future holds. I know that I WILL attempt another Ironman. I know that I am taking some time off, mostly because I am tired but I am not stopping training entirely.

What are my goals going forward?
1. Complete several coaching certifications.
2. Continue coaching for Team in Training.
3. Start working with Girls on the Run.
4. Lose some weight. (What is new right?)

So do I have a schedule of what I am thinking about for the new year? Sure. Is anything definite? Nope not at all.

I am coaching the Spring/Summer Triathlon teams for Team in Training. These events are:
1. St Anthony's Triathlon on April 25th
2. Tri Miami Triathlon on May 2nd (the new dates are not posted but I am estimating based on 2009.)
Kick-off for these seasons is Jan 30th at 10am. For more information you can go to the local TNT site.

Coaching Certifications:
1. USATF Level 1 Cert - Charlotte NC Jan 8th - 10th
2. USAT Level 1 Cert - Charlotte NC Feb 19th - 21st or Orlando May 14th - 16th.
3. RRCA Coach Cert - Atlanta March 19th and 20th.

I would like to be at a minimum a mentor for Girls On The Run. At some point I would love to open a branch of the program on my side of town.

Of course I have to continue to do some races just for me. Possibilities for 2010 are:
1. Tour De Cure 100mile Bike Ride Feb 28th
2. Princess 1/2 Marathon March 7th
3. Wildman Oly Tri Mar 14th
4. ING Georgia 1/2 Marathon Mar 21st
5. Great Clermont Oly Tri Mar 28th
6. Florida IM 70.3 Disney May 16th
7. Moss Park Tri Oly July 18th
8. Fall Tri Festival Oly Aug 22
9. IMLOO Louisville Kentucky Aug 29th
8. Volunteer at IMWI Sept 12th to register for 2011
9. Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon Disney Oct 2nd
10. NYC Marathon Nov 7th

There are many others on my wish list. So far the only definite events are the Tour De Cure and the Princess 1/2. I have entered the NYC Marathon lottery as well but there are no guarantees there at all.

I am definitely going to continue coaching private clients as well and an pushing forward with Beyond Endurance on a daily basis.

Of course I still have my day job with Oracle and am still working on my Advocare business, although I have to admit I did not focus on Advocare when I was in the final months of Ironman training so I have to restart my focus there as well.

I will let you guys know if I think of anything else. :-)


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