Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well I have to admit I don't know everything. :-) Can you believe that? Saturday morning was my weekly long ride. This week I was scheduled to ride 40 miles. I got up early, I had packed all of my stuff the night before and headed over to West Orange Trail to meet up with the "crew" for the bike ride.

Normally I eat instant oatmeal and a banana before I ride or run. That is about 300 calories. This morning I decided to eat one of those new Power Bar Smoothie Bars - the Citrus flavor. Well you guys know me and my taste buds. I made it through half of the bar and I was DONE with a capital D. Not a good start to my nutrition day.

I have found that I can drink the new G2 without getting an upset stomach. However there are not enough calories in the G2. I am terrified about the nutrition part of the Ironman. Everyone says this is the 4th discipline in tri's. I know I don't eat enough when I am biking which causes issues when I start to run.

To make a long story short. This was the first time I had worn my heart rate monitor. At the end of the ride, the display showed I had burned 2600 calories. I had only taken in 450. Obviously no where near enough.

I am taking to Coach Bill about this and reading everything I can get my hands on. Hopefully I will be able to find a solution.


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