Sunday, June 29, 2008


I just wanted to give a shoutout to one of my best friends Kelly. She completed her first sprint triathlon last weekend with almost no training. Yes she is pulling a "Beth." She did absolutely amazing! She finished in 1:47:06 which is an AWESOME time!

I have to say that Kelly is so funny. We talk all the time and I knew she was registered but had not had much time to train. Can you say:
1. Just got back from six weeks in California because her brother had emergency brain surgery.
2. Her job is in Charlotte, NC. Her husband is in Chicago, Il. Her school is in Minnesota!
3. She has had a calf injury and has been trying to recover from that.

Let me just say that I have to give Kelly props for even thinking about completing the event. You know my I just go for it. Yes I am a nut. But Kelly is smarter than me and actually tries to train well for her events. So after a couple of conversations with me, we decided she should try to do the tri, LOL, as a training and if she needed to stop after any of the events, she would and not feel guilty about it.

Well so much for that needing to stop. She had a great race. Have I mentioned that before?
Swim: 15:10
Transition 1: 6:22
Bike: 51:03
Transition 2: 3:16
Run: 31:18

Awesome Job K!


ps. When are you going to sign up for an Ironman?

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