Friday, June 13, 2008

Week of Firsts

Well it has been one of those weeks. There have been many firsts this week for me. Enjoy!

On Monday, I was doing my bike workout which consisted of hard intervals with matching slower recovery intervals. On my 3 minute hard interval, my bike shot off of the trainer and I crashed into my entertainment center. I did not get hurt and more importantly I did not hurt my bike. I was laughing so hard I really could not cry. So I guess it is a good thing I did not hurt myself as I would have never known. Arabella, my dog, must have thought it was pretty funny as well, as she started barking and running around in circles. Needless to say, this ended my workout for the night. I was not about to try getting back into the trainer. Not because I was scared of the trainer but because I did not want to crash into the entertainment center again. Obviously I had not connected the bike to the trainer correctly. I am not mechanically inclined, I don't even pump gas!

On Wednesday, I went to my first Team Hendryx Miamiman practice. This was supposed to be a speed workout at the Maitland Middle School track. I arrived on time, barely, we all warmed up and started our speed intervals on the track. On our third interval, sound familiar, lightning started coming right on top of us. Coach Sean blew his whistle and had us go under the shelter at the side of the school. At this point since our running was cut short, Coach Bill and Coach Sean decided we should do some lunges, and then some more lunges and some more lunges. WOW my ABS are weak! Gotta work on that. But practice was fun! Even if it was a bit short. While we were waiting for the storm to let up so we could go to our cars, I told Coach Bill and some other teammates about the crash. Everyone laughed, Coach Bill said maybe I should not tell that story often.

On Thursday morning, I went to Lucky's Lake for my first open water swim there. I had wanted to come out before but Lucky only opens his house at 6:30 am during the week and I had the kids. So today was my "lucky" day. I got up at 5:00 am. No I do not like mornings, got dressed, loaded up the car and headed to Lucky's Lake. When I arrived there were about 6 other people there including my friends Joy, Missey and Rick. Rick was planning on doing 10 crossings which would equal just over 6 miles. He is preparing for the swim around Key West. Missey paddled a kayak beside him to prepare as she is going to be his crew in the water when he does the swim next week.

At any rate, I walked out into the water and started my swim across the lake. The swim over and back is a total of 1000meters if you swim in a straight line. Well you guys know me, straight lines have never really been my forte no matter what the sport. I run crooked, bike all over the road and apparently I swim around in circles. I tell you guys, either I am extremely strong on my right side (NOT) or I cannot sight worth a crap (possibly) or swim like I am drunk (probably). Actually I could see fine, I just cannot swim where I was looking. Every time I looked up to sight I was going in some other direction that was not headed towards the correct dock on either side. At one point I actually crashed into Rick. Of course we are blaming him cause he never sights at all since he wears a snorkel. Love ya Rick!

When I talked to Coach Bill last night, I told him that I had to have swum an extra 500 meters, I saw everyone else's dock and pretty much the entire center of the lake. Good think the Lake Cane Monster was not hungry cause I was surely swimming alone. :-) Once I finished my swim, I was able to sign the Wall of Fame and get my patch for my first crossing. It is a great patch. It has an alligator head on it with bloody teeth and says "AQUATICA Enter The Food Chain 1K Swim." Nothing like positive motivation I say.

Well I guess that is it for today! I will blog again soon!


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