Monday, April 21, 2008

Amazing Women's Finish At The Boston Marathon

WOW!!! Did anyone besides me watch the Boston Marathon today? I had the live coverage streaming on my pc. The women's finish was a nail bitter. Dire Tune from Ethiopia outkicked Alevtina Biktimirova in the last 400 meters to finish first by only 2 seconds!! Amazing. These two women raced their hearts out. It was awesome.

In the men's race Robert Cheruiyot took off and left the rest of the men's elite field before HeartBreak Hill to win his fourth Boston race. He was just shy of beating the course record he set in 2006.

It is awesome to see runners with that much natural ability. But is just as awesome to see the last finisher cross the finish line. No matter whether you finish first or last, you get the same medal. I love the tradition at the Ironman races, the male and female winners come out to cheer the last finisher across and then place their medals on their necks.

I will never win a marathon or an Ironman, well win in the strictest definition of the word, but every time I cross the finish line I win in my mind. I win for all the people that will never be able to cross the finish line. I win for myself. I win for everyone else that decides to just take the first step outside to start exercising because they know I finished my race. Just knowing what I have accomplished on my own feet with my own inner strength is satisfaction enough! Try it you might like it!

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