Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Triathlete = Sushi????

Ok here is the question of the day.....

Does becoming a triathlete cause a person to crave sushi? Is all of the time in the water turning me into a cannibalistic fish?

Strange I know but for the past couple of months I have been craving sushi like crazy. I cannot seem to get enough of the raw fish. My favorite sushi is either the spicy tuna roll, Maguro tuna, and Mexican Rolls. Of course I am constantly asking all of my friends if they would like to go have sushi. I never used to crave sushi like this so I am thinking that all of the swimming has something to do with this desire.

I know that after I run a marathon, I always crave cheeseburgers, not the McDonald's kind but the kind you would make on the grill yourself. So now I crave sushi. What will I crave riding the bike?

This is going to be one crazy post race meal....Sushi Appetizer, Cheeseburger entree and ???? Any suggestions.......

I think it is time to go get some sushi!


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