Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tri #2 Done

Well I went out and completed another triathlon. This was the super-sprint triathlon which was part of the 25th Annual Great Clermont Triathlon weekend. Remember, right now I am not completing these events to try and win or even be competitive. I am just completing these events for the experience. I have to say that I was not any less nervous this weekend than I was for my previous race. I think I might have actually been more nervous! I am not really sure why. All I know is that when the announcer asked my name, I said that I was "Beth from Orlando and I think I am going to puke."

Maybe I should back up and start from the beginning. I have been able to get in some really awesome swim training. The bike training has not been too bad however I have had 3 flat tires in two weeks. I have really not been able to find the time to run. So last week, the kids were at their dad's for spring break, I thought I would be able to get in a really hard week of training. Well that did not happen. First, I had a bike flat only two miles into a long bike ride, then I had way to much "happy" in my happy hour. So by Friday night I was seriously scared of what Saturday morning would hold.

I spent the night over at Missey's house to save time in the morning. It was pouring the rain and all I could think was that I could not ride my bike in the rain as I would crash. Yes boys and girls I am terrified to crash. We went to bed at 11pm in order to wake up at 5am. I tossed and turned all night. For those of you that know me well, you already know I don't sleep much the night before the event. Missey woke me up shortly after 5am. Not that I was really asleep but I was trying really hard to pretend I was or at least convince my brain I was alseep. I got up and got dressed. We had packed our transition bags the night before. We loaded the bikes on the bike racks and headed out, of course stopping at the closest 7-eleven for Missey to get a Diet Coke.

At this point my stomach was burning. I needed to eat my breakfast but I knew that anything I swallowed would come right back up. So I let the cliff bar lay in my lap as I tried to come up with a great reason not to complete the event. We made it out to Lake Minneola by 6am. There were very few people there at this point. We checked in, grabbed our gear bags and went to body marking. After getting my age and race number written in permanent marker all over my arms and legs, I went to rack my bike and set out my transition area. So far so good. My stomach is still burning but I have not puked yet so maybe just maybe I can make it through this.

For those of you that don't know, a super sprint tri is much shorter than the distance I completed at my first tri in Moss Park. The swim is only 200 yards, the bike just over 8 miles and finally a short 2 mile run up to the finish. I have no idea why I was so worried, well maybe I do. A week of crappy training and day two of a major tequila hangover. ( No wonder I was green.)

After getting all setup in the transition area, we walked over to the beach to check the water temperature. It was much warmer than I expected! Yeah! I won't be gasping for air. The announcements started and we began lining up. This race start was a bit different as it was going to be a time trial start. All of the tri starts I have seen were either mass starts or wave starts. This one was an individual start where they announce your name and where you are from as you enter the water. For some reason, Missey thought we needed to be close to the front. So one after another the racers enter the water and then it is my turn. The announcer turns to me and asks my name, I reply "Beth from Orlando and I think I am going to puke." This made him smile and much to my chagrin and embarrassment he says into the microphone, "This is Beth from Orlando and she says she is going to Puke! Everyone behind her watch out!" I quick glanced over my shoulder and saw every expression from disgust to amusement on the triathletes faces.

Damn it was time to getting going. I ran out into the water (it was very shallow) to the point I could start swimming and started doing my somewhat awkward version of the freestyle. Believe it or not I was actually passing people! I was thinking to myself WOW - this is awesome! Hahahahaha! Little did I know.

I finished the swim, ran out of the water and over into bike transition. I quick wiped off my feet and put on my helmet and bike shoes, grabbed the bike and I was off. Well maybe it was not that fast. More like I spent over 4 minutes in the bike transition and then I was off. I got to the pavement and mounted my bike. WOW - the bike course starts on a steep uphill. I pedaled as hard as I could and just kept going. I really thought I was doing great until Missey passed me on the bike course like I was in a parking place. DAMN! Was I even moving?????

I pedaled and pedaled. The bike course was full of rolling hills. My quads were screaming! My hands were numb from pushing down on the handlebars. Again comes the thought - what was I thinking! But I kept moving. I got to the last hill before the run transition. I could see the end of the bike course. Now if I could just get to the top of the hill. I am trying as hard as I can to get to the top. My bike is just slowing and slowing down. One after another racers are passing me on the hill. A man on a mountain bike with aerobars passed me just as my bike was slowing to a complete stop. Luckily for me I was only 5 feet from the top of the hill and I was able to unclip before the bike fell over. I ran my bike up the last 5 feet and jumped back on. Ok maybe I slowly climbed back on but you get the point.

I bike into the run transition, racked my bike and changed my shoes, grabbed my cap and started off on the run. About 100 yards into the run, it suddenly hit me that I was STARVING and that I had never eaten breakfast. Well that explains why I just gave out at the end of the bike and why my legs were shaking so much. Time to reach deep and get whatever resources I can to make it through the run. Good thing I was not doing this race for time. I know better than to try and complete any event without adequate nutrition. I am running along and suddenly I see Missey ahead of me. She completes the turnaround at mile 1 and heads back in my direction, cheering for me. I suck it up and keep going. At this point I have terrible cramps. Hmm wonder why - let's see no food maybe. I guess the old saying is true, "Everyone has to learn the hard way." Thank goodness this was not the Ironman. I guess that is the point of completing these shorter distance races so that one can get the kinks worked out.

I caught up with Missey and ran a bit with her and then went on. She is recovering from a knee injury and I did not want to hamper her recovery by running with her. We have very different stride lengths. So after making sure she was ok I ran on. And yes I owed her one for passing me on the bike. LOL! Just kidding Missey!

Low and behold the finish line is in sight! I cross the finish line! Yeah! I did it! Believe it or not I am completely stoked and now I think possibly addicted! I cannot wait to "tri" it again! Tonight I am off to the pool for a long swim and possibly a run.

So anyone want to "tri a threesome?"


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