Monday, April 14, 2008

Half Iron Distance? Required or Not?

As the days pass I and I get closer to the IMFL, I am wondering more and more which half iron distance race that I should do. I really want my first to be an IRON branded race which really limits my choices. Another limiting factor is that many of the Ironman 70.3 races here in the United States are sold out.

I have completed a Super-Sprint distance and a sprint distance triathlon. I have two olympic distance races on my calendar but I have not yet picked a half iron distance. Well I did pick one, the IMFL 70.3 at Disney in May, but I procrastinated and did not register before the race sold out. I am a bit scared to jump from an OLY race to a Full Ironman.

Looking on the Ironman website, here are my choices:

Kansas 6/15/08
Buffalo Springs Lake, Texas 6/29/08
Lake Stevens, Washington 07/06/08
Rhode Island 07/13/08
Vineman, California 07/20/08
Steelhead, Benton Harbor Michigan 08/02/08

I am a bit limited that I need to complete the race this summer as the kids will be with their father so that helps with logistics. Vineman is BRUTAL and definitely not one I would want to do for my first 70.3. Any opinions will help. I am thinking that Rhode Island is the one to do. The weather should not be too bad and it is only 1 hour from Boston so I can have a bit of fun when I am done. That is if I can still walk. HAHA!

Well back to work!



Coach Bill said...

Why a 70.3 race? Why not any old 1/2 iron out there - you will be doing the race as a training race not an "A" race - check the USAT site for races closer to home that will not cost you a fortune to race in or get to - just my opinion. Check out set up inc - they put on great races and are located in the southeast.

good luck

Elizabeth the Marathon Girl said...

Good Idea! Thanks Bill. You know me I am just wierd!