Friday, April 11, 2008

I Think I Like Swimming

Happy Friday!

I had an epiphany last night while I was completing my swim workout. I actually like swimming! WOW that is hard to admit, especially to all of my hardcore running friends. I am a runner and probably to most people I would even be considered a die-hard runner. I have been running since I was twelve. My first 50 yard dash during field day and I was addicted. I ran track and cross-country all though middle school, high school and college. Any time I have had an injury and been unable to run I have been devastated.

At any rate many, many miles and many marathons later, as you all know I have decided to do a triathlon and not just any triathlon, the Ironman. The swim has always terrified me. I am in awe of anyone that can swim correctly using the right stroke moving through the pool effortlessly. It is beautiful to watch. I had quite a rough day yesterday and as I was driving to the pool, I realized how excited I was to go swim. I really wanted to get in the pool and pound out the yards. Like I said before it was an epiphany. Swimming still is not effortless for me but I do enjoy the challenge now.

My workout last night was awesome.
300 yard warm-up
8 x 50 arm paddles
8 x 50 kicks
4 x 100 tempo
4 x 50 sprint
4 x 50 arm paddles
4 x 50 kicks
2 x 100 tempo
2 x 50 sprint
200 yard cool-down

2600 yards later and boy was I tired. My arms were bricks and I was starving but the funny thing was that my legs were ok. I probably could have gone and run a couple of miles but it was late and I needed to get the kids home and into bed.

This weekend I need to get on the bike and get a good long ride in the saddle. I am thinking I will bike 30-40 miles tomorrow and then do a run. This is called a brick workout. Then on Sunday another run of 4-6 miles as well. Those two workouts should leave me good and worn-out. Of course I need to fit in a swim. I was hoping to go to Lucky's Lake but I have the girls with me. We shall see.

Until next time!


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