Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Monday!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good. I got in a great training session on Saturday with Karen. Sunday was a wash. I cleaned my house all day (I am still not finished) so that was a workout in itself.

Which leads me to my question of the day. Can anyone do it all? Lately it has become more apparent to me that there is no way I can do everything and train for the Ironman, something has to give. So of course the easiest thing is housework. I mean I hate cleaning the house anyways so now I have an excuse, actually several excuses.
1. I have to train.
2. I just got done training and I need food/shower/nap.
3. Kelsie and Hannah need help with homework, need to go somewhere.
4. The dog needs to be walked and the animals fed.

So on and So on. But you get the idea. I can always find a reason not to clean the house. Training for the Ironman just makes it easier to justify the mess. Finally this weekend I could not stand it it anymore and on Sunday I decided to clean. Oh my goodness. I cleaned all day and still did not make it in the door of my bedroom or to my bathroom. I actually was up until 3am doing laundry. Is there anything more hysterical. I am more tired this morning than I was after Saturday's BRICK workout.


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