Monday, April 21, 2008

....Wasted Weekend?

Hey there everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was kind of sucky but then it only shows how much you need to listen to your body.

On Friday I sent out the most awesome quote to all of my friends as inspiration for the tough training weekend ahead:

"I am building a fire and everyday I train I add more just the right moment, I light the match." Mia Hamm

I was totally stoked and ready to get some serious miles on the bike. Training plan for the weekend:

Saturday: Long Swim
Warm-up: 300 yards
1st Set: 4 x 400 steady pace 1min rest
2nd Set: 2 x 200 steady pace 30 sec rest
3rd set: 6 x 100 1min rest
Cool Down: 200 yards easy stretching out

Sunday: Long Ride then Run (BRICK)
4hours on the bike
40min run

What I actually did:

8.5 miles easy on the bike
1000 yard swim

Sunday: nothing

I woke up early Saturday ready to swim, took the kids to their friend's soccer game so that I could get the workout done, stopped off at the grocery store and then went home to pack up my workout gear. As I started packing I realized my head was a bit tingly which for me means that I might be getting a migraine. I decided to lay down for just a bit to see if I could ward the migraine off at the pass. Wishful thinking on my part....

I woke up a little after 1pm. Agreed to meet Karen, Missey and Steve at the trail for a bike ride then do my long swim. Loaded up, headed to the trail and got onto the bike. We road for a leisurely 8.5 miles and then had a smoothie from the Y snack bar. As I was sitting there I realized the migraine I had tried to head of was coming on full force. However I was determined not to let it get me down. I changed into my suit and headed out to the pool.

I had every intention of swimming the entire workout. However, after about 4 laps I was getting dizzy. I kept going but soon I was unable to turn my head to breathe without getting nauseous. S*^#@! I really wanted to get this workout done. At 1000 yards I had to call it quits. Although Karen said my form looked much better I was just not able to swim anymore. I was out of the pool.

Sunday morning the alarm went off at 5am. I had been up all night throwing up. I sent a text to Missey and Karen and crawled into the bed. My head felt like someone was stabbing me repeatedly with a hot poker! There was no way I could drive to the trail, much less ride and run. I could barely move.

Can you say frustrated? I know my body was telling me something, not quite sure what it was other than this was not my weekend. I ended up spending pretty much all day Sunday in the bed. I woke up this morning feeling some better. My head is numb but there is a dull ache where I felt the poker jabbing me. I was going to try and swim but I think I will just do a run tonight and swim tomorrow. Obviously I am not 18 anymore. LOL....

This week's schedule:
Monday: Run 6-8 miles
Tuesday: Long Swim
Wednesday: Bike 2 hours, Run 30 mins
Thursday: Long Swim
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Bike Run Brick then drive to St. Pete.
Sunday: Cheer for Karen, Missey, Rick and Captain Ron as they compete in the 25th Annual St. Anthony's Triathlon. Of course it helps that the Ironman world champion, Chris "Macca" McCormick, is competing. I will consider this my recovery "run" since I will be all over the place trying to see everyone.

Hopefully this week I will be able to "light my match!"


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