Thursday, April 17, 2008

Swim, Swim, Swim

The more I swim the more I like swimming. Of course the more I swim the more I need to swim. On Tuesday I completed a workout totally 2700 yards. It was only supposed to be 2600 but this time I added wrong. I was totally tired when I finished but the feeling was a good tired not a bad tired.

I like swimming which shocks me to say. Of course I am not really sure how my form is doing and I know I need to swim faster to have a decent time in the IMFL but I am trying. Which is much more than I can say about the bike.

I AM TERRIFIED! I can run all day and not worry about getting hit by a car or falling or anything else. As soon as I get on the bike and get clipped in I start panicking. What a lovely feeling - trying to muscle through miles on the bike and feeling like I am going to have a heart attack the whole time. I have read all of these articles about becoming one with the bike. How the heck to I become one with the bike.

I have purchased and installed clip on aerobars. These are so that I can get in a better more aerodynamic position on the bike which will help me conserve energy and go faster. HAHAHA that is laughable. The aerobars don't have gears or brakes. So for a person that likes to be in control this is even less control than before.

I know, I know sometimes one cannot always be in control and just have to go with it. But the thought of "going with it" over the top of someone else or crashing again while clipped in just does not thrill me. However schedule an hour run or a 2600 yard swim and I am totally excited.

Speaking of running, I met Missey on Monday night at the Downtown Y for a short hour run. I was so happy just going out that night. It was cool for Orlando, I would say mid 60's and perfect just to run and run. I think I could have run for hours that night. I love running in cool weather for some reason I just zone out and run in a way that to me seems effortless.

Of course I am sure that what I look like in reality is not so pretty.

Well off to my super-sprint tri


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